Who we are

The Austrian advertising and film production agency Werbewald (Werbe = advertising, Wald = woods) derives its name from its beautiful location in the picturesque Weidlingtal valley, which is situated near the town of Klosterneuburg right in the heart of the Vienna Woods nature protection area. This breath-taking spot allows ingenious ideas and concepts to flourish, thus enabling us to constantly reinforce the already deeply rooted relations to our clients. We specialise in advertorial design, creative writing, retouching, and the production of commercials. Thanks to our expansive network of expert co-operation partners and more than 15 years of experience in the advertising and media business, however, we are also able to cater for campaign requirements beyond our areas of expertise. For exactly this reason, we are your competent media partner at all times – even at those, when you cannot see the wood for the trees.

Our philosophy

For thousands of years, people have lived in perfect harmony with their surroundings. Nature has taught us that we cannot rush things. We cannot force success and resources are only available up to a certain degree. This is as true for the woods as it is for time – the time we spend at work and especially also the time we spend with our loved ones. Therefore, we have made it one of our key principles to give things the time they need to evolve. Thanks to its location, our office is the ideal place for creative minds to thrive. Come here and you will see at a glace that we absolutely love our jobs. We firmly believe that a cordial relationship to our clients is key as business can only flourish on a healthy and well-tended ground.

Our mastermind

Paul Weichesmiller is the agency's creative mastermind. After having completed his education in advertising and retouching, he joined Bernsteiner & Partner as an all-round graphic design artist and project manager, co-operating with the major players of the field. As a next step, his career took him to the creative agency of Austria's biggest magazine publisher, VGN Creative, where he worked for twelve years. Catering for the needs of a wide range of key accounts, from A as in Audi to Z as in Zalando, gave him the opportunity to expand and deepen his understanding of how to create extraordinary advertising. It was during this time that he also discovered his passion for music, photography and film production. As a consequence, the creative director-turned-singer/songwriter published two albums and his own fairy tale cookbook, appeared in numerous radio and TV shows and produced music videos for bands such as Russkaja as well as commercials with Ping Pong Communications for household names like OMV, BJV or the Merkur Markt supermarket chain. »But this is another story that shall be told in: REFERENCES«


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Hauptstr. 324, 3400-Weidling / Klosterneuburg